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Conquer Your Fear Of The Dentist

Laughing gas for dental anxiety is one of the popular options for dental sedation in Tampa. Many people fear the dentist and put off having dental work for as long as possible. Drs. Richard and Jennifer Kernagis are highly skilled and experienced dental experts who have helped numerous patients overcome this fear of the dentist using options like laughing gas for sedation dentistry in Tampa.

laughing gas for dental anxiety

Sedation Dentistry with Laughing Gas

One of the ways to overcome your fear of the dentist is to have our helpful sedation dentistry staff at Kernagis Dental Excellence in Tampa, Florida, administer laughing gas. Laughing gas is administered by putting a mask over your nose and mouth and inhaling a safe, odorless gas. You will usually feel relaxed and calm within four of five inhalations of laughing gas. Though it’s called laughing gas, this does not mean that you suddenly will feel like giggling uncontrollably. Laughing gas is simply a term that describes a feeling of less anxiety. We also supply comforting blankets to put over you, and there’s a television in your room to make you feel at ease.

laughing gas dental sedation

What are the Benefits of Laughing Gas Dental Sedation?

Laughing gas is needleless – If you have an aversion to needles and this has created a fear of the dentist, laughing gas may be a good option.

Laughing gas can heighten comfort – With laughing gas, you will most likely experience a feeling of composure – an "everything is fine" feeling.

Laughing gas can take the edge off the pain – Laughing gas uses a process that takes the edge off the pain.

Laughing gas can help you feel calm and relaxed – Once laughing gas has been administered, and you're calm and relaxed, your dental procedure may progress more quickly and with far less stress.

With laughing gas, you don't need transportation to and from the office – Because laughing gas wears off quickly, you can get to and from the office on your own.

Payment Options for Sedation Dentistry

During your consultation at Kernagis Dental Excellence, our dental experts can answer any questions you may have about the cost of laughing gas for dental anxiety in Tampa. We will work with you to maximize your insurance benefits and can inform you about the financing options available to you.

Ease Your Dental Anxiety with Laughing Gas Dentistry in Tampa!

As your experienced and trusted sedation dentistry office in Tampa, Florida, Dr. Richard Kernagis and Dr. Jennifer Wynn Kernagis want to offer you the least anxiety-filled dental experience possible. Call us today, or just stop by. We would be happy to discuss laughing gas for dental anxiety in Tampa or learn more about other sedation dentistry options, including IV sedation and oral conscious sedation

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