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Dental Hygiene for Oral Health

Dr. Richard Kernagis and Jennifer Wynn Kernagis, your go-to dentists in Tampa, FL, take pride in our general dentistry practice near Apollo Beach and especially in how we treat our patients. We perform a variety of general dentistry services, making us the go-to dentists for you, your children, and other family members. We want to be your dental home in Tampa and surrounding areas for oral health.

Implementing high-quality technology, most of our dental procedures can be done in one of our three locations, and many of our treatments can often be performed in one visit! We have the ability to do more complex cases in the office without sending them out to a lab or other specialist.

As the trusted dentist in Tampa, FL, serving the Gibsonton and FishHawk surrounding areas, we work hard to make you feel comfortable. Our general dentistry procedures, friendly staff in FishHawk, and the little extras help you know we really care about you and your dental hygiene. We listen to your concerns and invite you and your loved ones to visit us to talk about oral health and dental hygiene.

dental hygiene

The Benefits of General Dentistry

General dentistry is a fundamental part of your dental hygiene and overall oral health:

Prevention – General dentistry helps prevent serious dental hygiene problems such as oral infections, cancers, and other dental complications.

Cavity Detection – Early detection of cavities and gum disease (gingivitis) improves the chances of eliminating the infection.

Oral Health – Research indicates a link between your oral health and overall health. By keeping your oral health in check, general dentistry protects you from health problems like heart disease.

The General Dentistry services we offer include the following:

Dental Crowns – A dental crown is an artificial tooth that, using CEREC technology, is a one-visit procedure that can cover imperfections in your smile or serve as a base for dentures or other apparatus.

Dental Fillings – We use natural-colored resin to handle any tooth decay. These fillings look just like your tooth and prevent you from suffering from any other decay in that tooth. They are also much safer than the metal fillings used in the past.

Dental Bonding – When you have a tooth that is slightly misshapen, often our dentists in Tampa, FL, choose to use dental bonding to repair it. Dental bonding is simply putty that bonds to your tooth and then is shaped to repair the tooth.

Dental Hygiene – Your oral health is important to us, so we do a variety of services to help ensure you have a bright, clean, healthy smile. We offer regular teeth cleaning and instruct you and your loved ones on proper dental hygiene and oral health.

Dental Sealants – One of the best ways to encourage dental hygiene and good oral health is to put dental sealant on your teeth. This sealant is like a "varnish" painted onto your teeth, giving them extra protection against decay.

general dentistry

Get Your Oral Health in Check with a General Dentistry Appointment in Tampa!

Drs. Richard and Jennifer Kernagis and their friendly staff in Tampa are well-trained and happy to take care of all your oral health and dental hygiene needs. Our dentists in Tampa, FL, are proud to serve the surrounding areas, including Lithia, FishHawk, Riverview, and Apollo Beach.

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