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Emergency Dentistry Tampa

Dental Emergency Services For Tooth Pain


Having extreme tooth pain or finding yourself in a dental emergency is not fun. However, our patients are comforted to know that we are a trusted emergency dentist in Tampa, able to provide them with top-notch service to help them address nearly any dental emergency and tooth pain they find themselves with. We can even provide same day treatment at one of our three locations during business hours if needed.

Don’t feel that you need to suffer through the tooth pain. Emergency dentists Dr. Richard Kernagis and Dr. Jennifer Wynn Kernagis are happy to take care of you and your dental emergency and help the tooth pain go away.

When is it a Dental Emergency?

If you’re experiencing any of the following symptoms, it may be a sign that you are in need of emergency dental care:

  • Severe tooth pain
  • Severe jaw pain
  • Pain when chewing or biting
  • Bleeding in the mouth
  • Painful, persistent swelling
  • Unexplained tooth loss

Common Dental Emergency Situations

  • Tampa emergency dentist can help those with a bad toothache.Injury – Sports injuries, auto injuries and fluke injuries are frequent emergency dentistry scenarios we see. Fortunately, your emergency dentist in Tampa offers our patients the ability to address a dental emergency right in our office.
  • Sudden Toothache – A toothache can be much more than a distraction. We understand that some tooth pain can be so severe that you are unable to function normally. Schedule a visit if tooth pain is your dental emergency. You need not suffer through hours and days trying to get things done despite the throbbing pain you may be experiencing.
  • Unexpected Bleeding – If you find your gums bleeding for no apparent reason or they seem to bleeding more than they should, please get in for a visit. It could be periodontal disease (gum disease) or another issue that needs immediate attention.
  • Big Event – Usually emergency dentistry is associated with physical trauma or a health risk, but what if you have a big event coming up and you need a smile refresh – stat – we can help you look your best for those important situations.

Painful Toothache or Dental Emergency? Call Our Tampa Emergency Dentist for Emergency Dental Care Now!

If you are needing an emergency dentist in Tampa or the surrounding areas, call us immediately to schedule a visit. We will do whatever we can to accommodate you, get you in ASAP, and provide pain free dentistry in FishHawk, Lithia, Tampa, or Gibsonton. Whether you’re experiencing tremendous tooth pain or are stressed about looking great for an upcoming event, we’ve got your back with emergency dentistry in Tampa!

2001 W Busch Blvd, Ste C, Tampa, Fl 33612
5486 Lithia Pinecrest Rd, Lithia, Fl 33547
13145 Kings Lake Dr, Ste 105, Gibsonton, Fl 33534

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2001 W Busch Blvd, Ste C, Tampa, FL 33612

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5486 Lithia Pinecrest Rd, Lithia, FL 33547

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13145 Kings Lake Dr, Ste 105, Gibsonton, FL 33534

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