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Enhance Your Smile with Dental Veneers

Using the greatest cosmetic dentistry techniques, Kernagis Dental Excellence offers porcelain veneers in Tampa, FL that are thin tooth-shaped caps fastened to the surface of a damaged, broken, or misshapen tooth.

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What are Porcelain Veneers??

Porcelain veneers are tooth-shaped caps made of durable ceramic composite and skillfully crafted. The custom-designed porcelain veneers are so thin you might think they will crack easily. But they are tough! You can still bite and chew* just like your natural teeth. And these porcelain veneers for teeth look so natural and beautiful; they help enhance your gorgeous smile.

*Depending on your dental veneer(s), our cosmetic dentistry doctors in Tampa may advise you to avoid certain foods or be slightly more careful in certain circumstances.

What issues can porcelain dental veneers solve?

CHIPS | Normal wear and tear on your teeth often happens, no matter how careful you are. A porcelain veneer from our Tampa dentists is a wonderful way to brighten your smile while restoring chipped teeth.

CRACKS | If you have cracks in your teeth that are deep and unattractive, a tooth veneer can solve this issue, restoring and brightening your smile.

GAPS | Porcelain veneers are often used to successfully fill in gaps between teeth. This can prevent the need for orthodontia or other treatments like a dental bridge.

MISALIGNED TEETH | Moderate misalignment of teeth can be corrected with a dental veneer(s), resulting in a beautifully straight smile without the 6-12 months of braces and their accompanying hassle and cost.

MISSHAPEN TEETH | Porcelain veneers reshape or right-size a tooth by starting with the current tooth and sculpturing it. Our cosmetic dentistry in Tampa, FL, can take a tooth that has always been unattractive and make it beautiful and fully operational.

WORN TOOTH ENAMEL | Sometimes your tooth's enamel just wears down. Kernagis Dental Excellence's porcelain veneers cover your teeth and are just as strong, beautiful, and reliable as your natural teeth.

The Teeth Veneers Process

It will typically take two appointments to properly fit and place your porcelain veneers. During your first appointment, the tooth will be examined and prepped for the process. the correct tooth color will be chosen. The tooth will be reshaped using a handheld tool, and an impression will be made so that the veneer can be properly cut and shaped to fit the area.

During the second appointment, the veneer will be placed on top of the tooth and then fitted. Some composite may be added to the tooth, or some shaping may occur until the tooth feels snug and comfortable inside the mouth.

financial options

Financial Options

During your appointment, our team can inform you about the payment options available. Our team can also discuss insurance to let you know if you are covered.

Get a Beautiful Smile with Porcelain Dental Veneers in Tampa – Call Now!

Kernagis Dental Excellence’s cosmetic dentists have years of experience with porcelain veneers and commit to listening to you and answering your questions. We have the knowledge, equipment, and dedication to make this dental veneer procedure non-stressful, making the results delightful!

Call us today to schedule a visit at one of our three convenient locations, and find out if a porcelain dental veneer is the best solution for you. We can provide amazing results from your porcelain veneer procedure in Tampa, FL.

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